Everglades Science

Providing the sound science needed to drive conservation and restoration.

The Heart of the Western Everglades

Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary has a central and critical role in the network of conservation lands within the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed (CREW) and the Western Everglades. The primary goal of our research program is to collect and provide ecological data to land managers, our policy team, and decision makers to help drive the conservation and restoration of our Western Everglades' ecosystems.

Our Focus

Although the Western Everglades has the same plants, animals, and general ecosystem processes found in other parts of the Everglades, the characteristic mosaic of upland and wetland habitats distinguishes it from other, better-studied parts of the Greater Everglades. 

Our science team is focused on filling gaps in our understanding of Western Everglades ecology in order to:

  • Document and understand how Corkscrew and the Western Everglades are changing,
  • Maximize the ecological benefit from wetland restoration,
  • Inform and support the Sanctuary's resource management team, and
  • Apply scientific knowledge gained from our long-term datasets to other parts of the Greater Everglades.

Take time to explore

Please take the time to explore the links to learn more about Audubon's Western Everglades research program. What we do here is applicable far beyond our borders, and influences conservation and environmental policy throughout the southeastern United States.

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