School Sponsorship Program

The generosity of private individuals, foundations and businesses ensure financial support for Corkscrew's high-quality conservation education program.

The generosity of private individuals, foundations and businesses ensures financial support for Corkscrew's high quality conservation education program. Initiated in 2005, Founding Sponsors connected with specific schools and classrooms to support outdoor learning opportunities and underwrite admission fees for area students.

Today, Sponsors endorse a variety of activities within the Education Department at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Contributions support elementary students and teachers for Curriculum Programs which include field trip activities, Sanctuary admission, program supplies and classroom instruction. Donations underwrite coordination of programs and workshops for Corkscrew staff, volunteers and Partner Educators who present field lessons. Sponsors receive recognition in our annual report, student and teacher feedback and an invitation to join a field program.

Featured Sponsors

Deb Carrier

“As a naturalist and photographer, Corkscrew Sanctuary’s pristine beauty and zen-like peacefulness never ceases to renew and amaze me”, says Deb Carrier School Sponsor. Deb is a frequent visitor to the boardwalk who supports our program philosophically and financially.  “Sharing this unique nature experience, through the successful Education Program, resonates with my personal mission to support children through educational and environmental initiatives. The Program changes lives through opening local students’ eyes, minds and hearts to the wonders of the natural world. They learn about the ecosystem web and understand their important responsibility as junior environmental stewards.

I was lucky to grow up close to nature with birds and wildlife as my ‘friends’. The best way to describe my childhood nature experience is to quote from a student’s journal entry after their  field trip, ‘I get a happy and free feeling that makes me feel good inside and love life.’ 

When I visit CSS I feel like a kid again!”

Audubon of the Western Everglades

"Audubon of the Western Everglades (AWE) invests heavily in environmental policy and advocacy. History has taught us that the major battles to hold destructive development at bay while encouraging smart growth last for a very long time, often across several generations. For that reason AWE also invests in environmental education for children who will be the ones to fight the good fight. We are very pleased to partner with Corkscrew Sanctuary in reaching young people to broaden their public school environmental education, as they will be the informed voters and leaders in the future." Alan Keller, President, CCAS

Joseph T. Ambrozy

Joe Ambrozy is a birder, Corkscrew volunteer and a School Sponsor. A retired business executive, Joe has spent hundreds of hours as a "Boardwalk Naturalist" at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. He has taught birding and managed monthly bird surveys. He is an Audubon Florida board member. Joe wants new generations to experience the serenity of the ancient cypress forest at Corkscrew and the unaltered native habitats of Florida. He describes his reasons for becoming a school sponsor, "We need to invest in education so young people will cherish the wonders of nature and carry on the culture of preservation. They must learn the value of protecting and restoring our natural systems which are vital to the health of both wild and human populations.

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