Fish Sampling
Allyson L. Webb
Dip net fish samping
Taking the lead from science

Audubon recognizes the importance of letting sound science take the lead in determining our conservation strategies and environmental advocacy.  Whether writing land management plans, wetland restoration design or advocating for regulatory or legislative action Audubon looks to the scientific record to establish priorities, provide direction, suggest solutions and give support. 

Filling the gaps

The effort to identify solutions to priority problems is often frustrated by what we don't yet know.  These critical gaps in the scientific record are another place Audubon gets involved.  Our staff scientists design and implement original research, and continue building on some of the best long term monitoring data sets on birds and hydrology available, with all efforts aimed at filling these gaps.  Our persistent refrain is science driven conservation. 

Take time to explore

Please take the time to explore the links to learn more about Corkscrew Science.  What we do here is applicable far beyond our borders, and influences conservation and environmental policy throughout the Southeastern United States.

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