Contact the Sanctuary

Admissions Desk: 239-348-9151

Nature Store: 239-348-1894

Email: corkscrew@audubon.org

To reach a member of Sanctuary staff, please dial the main number, then 1 + their extension below.

Department Staff Name     Position Ext. Email
Blair Visitor Center Cecilia Benalcazar Retail Sales Manager 106 email Cecilia
  Kristina O'Hern Volunteer and Membership Manager 105 email Kristina
  Mary Ann Summeralls Center Assistant 103 email Mary Ann
  Ulli Trainer Assistant Retail Manager 103 email Ulli
Education Sally Stein Director of Public Programs 112 email Sally
Administration Keith Laakkonen Sanctuary Director 123 email Keith
  Brad Cornell SW Florida Policy Associate 121 email Brad
  Kathleen Shepard Office Coordinator 123 email Kathleen
  Renee Wilson Communications Coordinator 124 email Renee
Development Kathleen Howle Membership Coordinator 113 email Kathleen
  Sarah Lathrop Development Manager 120 email Sarah
Research Shawn Clem, Ph.D. Director of Research 108 email Shawn
  Jacob Zetzer Restoration Technician   email Jacob
  Alex Meinders Research Technician   email Alex
  Scott Svec Resource Manager - Corkscrew 116 email Scott
  Allyson Webb Senior Resource Manager & PIMB 111 email Allyson
Facilities Gio D'Achiardi Facilities Manager 109 email Gio
  Randy Schaffer Senior Facilities Coordinator   email Randy

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