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Oct. 14, 2021

Photo from the Sanctuary Honored in International Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

Florida Black Bear Filmed Foraging in Restoration Area

Keeping Our Land Managers Rolling with a New Buggy

Corkscrew Swamp is a Sanctuary for Wildlife and a Living Laboratory

Hundreds of Collier County Residents Enjoy Free Admission


Sept. 14, 2021

Marsh and Prairie Restoration Update

Free Admission for Collier County Residents

Recognizing Our Summer Volunteers

Collier Mosquito Control District Proposes Expansion of Boundary into Conservation Lands

August Water Level Update


Aug. 25, 2021

Guided Walks Resume

Managing Wetlands in Summer Rainy Season

Support Our Mission: "Super" Ghost Orchid Merchandise is Available!

Members' Day Fun


July 21, 2021

The "Super" Ghost Orchid is Blooming

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Featured on NBC Nightly News Broadcast

Preserving the Serenity of the Boardwalk

From the Field Update

Improving the Rural Land Stewardship Program

Member Event Preview


June 16, 2021

Dodson Spur Repairs Underway

Senior Resource Manager Allyson Webb Honored

Blair Center Update

Board Member Spotlight: Tom Maish

State of the Everglades

Upcoming Events


May 13, 2021

Wood Stork Chicks Should Fledge Soon

Corkscrew Receives $1.2 Million Grant from Publix

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Naples Trust Company

Helping Keep the Sanctuary Free from Plastic

Sanctuary Featured on TV Broadcast

Safety Corner: Deer Flies


April 14, 2021

Lucky Visitors See a Panther on the Boardwalk

Water Level Update

Sea World Supports Marsh and Prairie Restoration

Blair Center Admissions Update

Prescribed Fire North of Boardwalk

Incorporating Drones as Research and Land Management Tool

Upcoming Events


March 11, 2021

Hydrologic Modeling Study Reveals Canal Operations are Drying the Sanctuary

Recent Flight Confirms Wood Stork Nesting Activity at the Sanctuary

Blair Audubon Center Unveils NEW Ticketing Platform and Pricing Structure

Thank You, Crowther Roofing!

Safety Corner: Widowmakers


Feb. 18, 2021

Wood Stork Nest Monitoring Update

Blair Center Info

Prescribed Fire Season Underway

Give Where You Live Collier Day

Volunteer Boardwalk Repair Team 


Jan. 14, 2021

Changes in Blair Center Admissions

Partnering to Restore Wetlands

Audubon's Christmas Bird Count

Save the Date! Give Where You Live


Jan. 6, 2021

Celebrating the Successes of 2020


Dec. 3, 2020

Florida Panther Mount Donated to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Speaking of Florida Panthers...

Hydrologic Update

We've Expanded our Hours!

Lunch and Learn: Climate Messaging on December 8

Holiday Shopping Online with Curbside Pickup Available!

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in the News


Nov. 5, 2020

Hydrologic Update

Conservation Collier Referendum Passes!

Lunch and Learn: Climate Messaging on December 8

Fish Sampling Resumes

Thanksgiving Sale

Saying Goodbye...


Oct. 1, 2020

We're Reopening!

Online Nature Store

Lunch and Learn: Finding Fluorescence

South Florida Wading Bird Report

Maintaining our Ramsar Designation

New Virtual Adventure for Students

Audubon Assembly


Aug. 25, 2020

Ghost Orchid Webinar Sept. 9

Keeping a Keen Eye on Water Levels

Safeguarding Precious Natural Resources: Saw Palmetto

Safety Corner: Flannel Moth Larva a.k.a. Puss Caterpillar


July 23, 2020

Celebrating a Restoration Milestone

First Ghost Orchid Flowers of the Season

Lunch and Learn: Conservation Campaigning Jul. 29

#HalfMyDAF Challenge

Summer Prescribed Burn

Sanctuary Receives Grant from Community Foundation of Collier County


June 26, 2020

Re-opening Update

Frog Watch Webinar

Sanctuary Research Receives International Acclaim

End-of-year Water Report


May 21, 2020

Annual Wetland Drydown Produces Massive Concentration of Fish

Don't Miss the Next Virtual Lunch and Learn Lecture with Dr. Jerry Jackson

DRY is the word!

Wildfire Threat is High

April 24, 2020

From the Sanctuary Director

Join Us for a Virtual Lunch and Learn

The Drydown is Happening! Feeding Frenzy, Not So Much

Recognizing Our Volunteers

Another Live Stream From Corkscrew Shared on National Audubon Society Facebook page

Suggested Stay-at-Home Reading


March 30, 2020

Bobcat Sightings

Annual Wetlands Drydown is Underway

Fire Season Update

Get Your Swamp Fix


March 16, 2020

Sanctuary Closure


March 6, 2020

The Experience of a Lifetime for One Lucky Volunteer

Partnering to Protect Wetland Habitat

Get Your Gift Cards Here!


February 21, 2020

What's Up With Wood Storks?

Second Graders in the House

Otterly Amazing!

Volunteer Update


February 6, 2020

Don't Miss Corkscrew After Hours This Friday

Meet Our Partner... the Community Foundation of Collier County

Cypress Celebration

Prescribed Fire Awareness Week


January 21, 2020

Hydrologic study reveals threats to Corkscrew Swamp

Our Swamp Treasure

Adventures with Insects

RJ Wiley at the Gallery Café


December 31, 2019

From the Sanctuary Director

Section of the Boardwalk Reopens After 2 Years

Corkscrew Artist Exhibit Opens for RJ Wiley


November 7, 2019

Learn about owls at After Hours

Corkscrew’s Stilwells are Audubon Florida’s top volunteers

Meet Corkscrew’s ambassador snake on Veteran’s Day

How you can help, right now