Career Opportunities at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Full-time Restoration Technician

The Restoration Technician will be responsible for assisting Audubon research and land management staff in field and office activities associated with a wetland restoration project being carried out at the 13,000-acre Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary (southwestern Florida). This full-time position will report to the Research Director, with responsibilities including ground-truthing restoration sites, conducting wetland vegetation surveys, quantifying woody vegetation coverage from aerial and/or satellite imagery, and conducting wading bird surveys (on-the-ground and using drone imagery), among other ecological data collection activities. Technician will also assist land managers with the removal of non-native plants and prescribed fire associated with the wetland restoration. Office/laboratory responsibilities include data entry, data management, and assistance with the preparation of reports. Travel within sites will involve a combination of 4WD truck, ATV, swamp buggy, and hiking. Other job responsibilities may include maintenance of field equipment and assistance with other Sanctuary activities, as needed.

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