Florida is home to at least 53 native species of amphibians...which of these are found at Corkscrew?

Amphibians are an important part of ecosystems, and they are good bioindicators of environmental health. At Corkscrew, there are many species including the southern toad pictures above. They are not always easily seen, but during certains times of the year, the chorus of frog calls is hard to miss. 

Amphibians are divided into three groups: frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, and caecilians (most closely related to salamanders, have long, worm-like bodies without legs). Some species known to Corkscrew include: Greater Siren, Pig Frog, Southern Leopard Frog, Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Oak Toad, Southern Cricket Frog, Green Treefrog, and Squirrel Treefrog are a few. 

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