Plants and Trees

Corkscrew is home to a beautiful and important array of plants and trees. Currently a complete inventory is underway to identify exactly what is found within the sanctuary.

Within Corkscrew's boundaries is a wonderous diversity of plants found in a variety of habitats. Seasonal changes in vegetation can be seen from the boardwalk and while there isn't the fall foliage like one finds up north, Florida has its own color pallet in fall. Come out to the boardwalk during different seasons to truly enjoy the diversity of plants there. 

Some commonly seen plants found at Corkscrew include: cypress, slash pine trees, wax myrtle, cabbage palms, saw palmetto, red maple, goldenrod, swamp lily, bushy bluestem, wiregrass, tickseed, sawgrass, live oak trees, resurrection fern, pond apple trees, and many, many more. 

Along with common plants, there are some rarer plants, including the "super" ghost orchid. Click here for more information on the ghost orchid. 

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