Above-average Rainfall Recorded at the Sanctuary This Winter

February 2024 water level closely resembles the historic average.

The Sanctuary recorded three inches of rain in February, which is above average. 

Graph with rainfall by year
Average February rainfall amounts since 2004.

Above-average rainfall over the course of this winter has kept water levels at the swamp high.

Monthly rainfall at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary through February 2024.

Since the mid-2000s, we have usually experienced shorter hydroperiods and a much more drastic drydown in the spring. However, water levels have been fairly consistent this winter thanks to the rain. 

graph showing water levels
Water levels through February 2024 (red line) compared with averages from 2000 to present.

Water levels this winter are closer to our historic levels, extending the hydroperiod.

Graph showing rainfall compared to historic averages.
Water levels in 2024 (red line) compared to 1954 - 1999 historic average (gray shaded area).

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