Annual Dry-down is Underway!

We have recorded 1.7 inches of rain since December 1.

The annual dry-down is almost here! In this video, a Wood Stork and other wading birds get feisty as their prey fish concentrate in the shallow water. This video was filmed at South Lettuce Lake last week by boardwalk volunteer Keith Johnson. Turn on the volume to hear their guttural calls. Unless we get rain soon, the dry-down and associated feeding frenzy should wrap up in the next few weeks.

Wood Stork and others in shallow Lettuce Lake

We have not had very much rain this dry season and water levels are dropping quickly. This graph shows 0.75 inches of rainfall recorded in March, and only 1.7 inches since December 1. We have had a total of 8.78 inches of rainfall since October 1. This is below average, but not a record. 

rainfall chart
Monthly rainfall through March 2022.

Find a similar video by Liz Hines on our YouTube page.

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