Marsh and Prairie Restoration

Corkscrew Works in the Community to Share Lessons Learned

Wetland restoration discussions are underway at Bonita Bay community.

Last month, senior resource manager Allyson Webb visited a wetland preserve at the Bonita Bay community in Bonita Springs to discuss management and restoration options. The visit was prompted by Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary volunteer and Cypress Council member Sandy Hollenhorst, a resident of Bonita Bay who was inspired by the marsh restoration effort underway at the Sanctuary. A team of dedicated residents like Sandy regularly monitor the diverse community of birds supported by Bonita Bay’s wetlands. Sandy is working to bring this concept and knowledge to her community where the wetlands face similar management challenges.

Audubon is grateful for partners who are bringing our mission and our best practices home with them to improve their communities for birds, other wildlife, and people. Let us know how we can help your community! 


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