Corkscrew Sanctuary Prescribed Fire March 25, 2021
Corkscrew Sanctuary Prescribed Fire March 25, 2021


Prescribed Fire Conducted North of the Exit Boardwalk

Special thanks to North Collier Fire Department.

On Thursday, March 25, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’s prescribed fire crew, with support from North Collier Fire Department, conducted a 25-acre prescribed fire. The unit abuts the northern side of the exit boardwalk. Visitors on this day were able to see these operations first-hand, and the day went smoothly.

Senior Resource Manager Allyson Webb and Resource Manager Scott Svec continued monitoring the unit for the following week as some downed trees on the interior continued to slowly smolder and kick up some smoke. The day after the burn, a few Sanctuary visitors witnessed a Florida panther traveling on the boardwalk and then jumping off into the burn unit where it disappeared from sight. Prescribed fire is an important management tool and these fires help to maintain a healthy habitat for the benefit of wildlife, plants, and people.

Special thanks to North Collier Fire Department for sending two firefighters and a brush truck to support our fire operations and to the volunteers who are an integral part of the prescribed fire crew at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

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