Rainfall and Water Levels for August 2023

Rainfall recorded at the Sanctuary in August was 10 percent lower than average.

A graph showing rainfall amounts each August since 2004
Rainfall recorded in August 2024 (8.6 inches) compared with August rainfall totals since 2004. The dotted red line shows the August average of 10.5 inches.

Rain gauges at the Sanctuary recorded 8.6 inches of rain in August, which is 10% lower than average. The cumulative effect of a below-normal rainy season on top of a dry winter and spring can be seen through lower-than-average water levels across the Sanctuary. Since October 2022, the cumulative amount of rainfall recorded at the Sanctuary is 27% lower than average, with our historical data going back to the early 1960s. We are hopeful for increased rainfall to refill the swamp prior to wading bird nesting and the spring wildfire season.

A graph showing the current water level compared with past data.
This graph shows water levels at the Sanctuary for the 2023-2024 Water Year as a red line. The gray shaded area is the average water level since 2000.

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