Marsh and Prairie Restoration

Water Level Update: March 2020

A brief look at water levels in the Sanctuary

How is the water level at the Sanctuary these days? Rainfall was significantly below average in March. Warm, dry conditions are causing swamp water levels to drop very quickly (up to 1 inch per day) and all but the deepest areas will soon be dry.

What are aquatic fauna doing now? As water levels rapidly fall, fish are moving into deeper pools. At the lettuce lakes, we’re seeing large groups of small native fish, non-native tilapia, and both native and non-native catfish. This time of year, water is warm, dissolved oxygen is getting low, and many fish can be seen coming to the surface to gulp air.

What are wading birds doing now? Wading bird activity has increased as fish densities increase in deeper and isolated pools. Nesting season is underway as food availability increases.

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