Corkscrew After Hours November 2019

Owls in Florida's Ecosystems

Event Date:  November 8, 2019                       
Time:    5:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Feeling like a Night Owl?    Join us for our special November ‘Corkscrew After Hours’ event:  ”Owls in Florida's Ecosystems” 

​Sunset at 5:38 pm               

Moon Phase:   Waxing Gibbous  (5 days before the full moon),  we should have a fairly bright night sky. 

  • Enjoy live music and exhibits in the Blair Audubon Visitor Center.
  • Shop for unique and beautiful gifts in the Nature Store.
  • Eat, drink and enjoy art exhibits in the Gallery Cafe.
  • Experience the boardwalk in the evening light and participate in educational programs, and interpretive exhibits.  See the schedule below.

5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

  •  Explore the boardwalk on your own under the stars and listen to the many sounds at night.  Our boardwalk volunteer naturalists will be out there to help you out. 

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm  

  • Live Music in the Blair Audubon Visitor Center:  Music by Robbie Wooster, Karen Batten, Scott Ritter and Rich Baker.

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm 

  • Presentation in the Blair Center Classroom:   By Dr. Jerry Jackson "The Diversity, Adaptations, and Conservation of Owls in Florida Ecosystems

    Florida owls are often thought of as the “night shift” among avian predators, but many are active in the light as well. Some, such as the Burrowing Owl survive in our cities, but are under constant threat from diverse human actions. Owls often present a demeanor of “wisdom” – but how wise are they? How is it that owl’s can be successful hunters in the darkness of night? This presentation will address these and many other questions and the diversity of Florida owls, their behavior, ecology, and conservation.

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

 Interpretive stations on the Boardwalk

  • Night Adaptations Stations (At the wildlife crossing on the entrance trail from 6:30 - 8:00pm, and at the bench area in the pond cypress area on the exit trail 7 - 8:30pm)  At the first station you will learn about adaptions that enable many nocturnal animals to thrive at night.  Learn a few things about human night senses also!  From 7pm until 8:30pm, there will be a night vision experiment at the last station at the bench on the exit trail that you can try after you have walked most of the boardwalk.  Then enjoy the night sky as you cross the wet prairie back to the visitor center!


Adult admission is $14 per person. ​ Admission is $10  for Audubon Members and $6 for college students with ID.  Admission is good for 2 consecutive days, so come back and enjoy the boardwalk in the daylight hours on Saturday also.  As always, Friends of Corkscrew Members enjoy free admission. 

Kids are admitted free with their parents to this event! (Parent admission fees vary as outlined above, and their children up to 18 years are free)

​*  Please Note:  The moon will be fairly bright and almost full tonight.   If you choose to bring a flashlight it is best to use only a red-light flashlight.  If you do not have a red light flashlight, please ask at our admissions desk when you arrive for some red cellophane and a rubber band to cover up the lens of your white light flashlights.  Otherwise using white light will mess up yours and other visitor's night vision while on the boardwalk.

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