Changes in Blair Center Admissions

Admission fees help support our operations.

We are continually working to protect the Sanctuary while providing access to this special place. Timed ticketing has been especially helpful in reducing congestion with the goal of providing a safe and tranquil experience for all.

To help the Sanctuary recover from significant budget shortfalls due to the pandemic, we will be increasing our admission fee to $17 per adult starting on Jan. 19. Admissions fees help support boardwalk maintenance, restore the landscape, and support Sanctuary operations.

We will also be unveiling a new ticketing platform in the coming month. Keep in mind, all visitors, including members, are required to purchase tickets or reserve their spots online.

If you love the Sanctuary, please consider purchasing a membership. Individual annual membership provides unlimited visits and costs the same as visiting four times in one year. There are many other membership categories from which to choose. Plus, as a member, you are supporting the conservation and management of an important component of the Western Everglades.

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